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Studio Materials List for Etching

Here is a variety of tools and materials that I use in my studio for etching silver and copper. 

Safety FIRST

If you wear spectacles, I highly recommend these that fit right onto your frames. 

respirator is a must for enameling, sanding, and mixing acid. Grab high-quality filters that will support vapors and fine dust particles. Plus they are pink. So...that makes safety cool. 

For Transfering an image with PNP: 

Electric Griddle / Hot Plate

PNP paper BLUE

Transfer Paper YELLOW

Brown Paper Towels


Nail polish

nail polish remover

Laser Printer 

Laser Printer ink 

Computer...I use an inspiron pc. 

For drawing an image:

nail polish


oil-based paint pens

Ferric Chloride Etching:

Anytime you pour, clean, and mix acid...use some heavy duty Rubber Gloves

Protective Eyewear is the most important. This pair of safety glasses is amazing. it offered protection from any little drip or splash that can occur. But these are just as you decide...but it's a MUST.


Duct tape 

FLAT Tupperware container to hold a little less than a liter of fluid (I use take-out containers) but if you want something specific, check these out. 

Dollar store party tablecloth for catching spills. 

Old rags or towels for cleaning up spills. 

For electro-etching

DC Power Supply with alligator clips

cupric nitrate

Containers to hold acid


Coffee Filters


scrap copper for anode

Rubber Gloves

Protective Eyewear


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