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Enameling Materials

Ok, so you want to get started in Enameling. I love this for you. 

Here are my rec's for a basic setup!

My favorite book is this one by the infamous Linda Darty. I reference this book often, even with a degree in enameling, I find this book the most helpful. You'll want to have this in your library. 

This beginner kit by Thompson Enamel is a great investment.

Copper or Steel? We can talk about both. I prefer 20 gauge copper. 

CLEANING is so IMPORTANT. Start with this pumice as your basic cleaner. 

Torch or Kiln? I recommend getting started with a torch. You can use this simple tripod to fire your work, but if you are very is the kiln company that I love. 

As you get started...remember, I offer quick information sessions at an affordable price. I am happy to walk you through any questions you might have. 

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