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Here me out....

Sometimes you don't need anything too fancy. These basics are a great way to play, and add originality to your work. Here are three tools you already have in your studio...and if you don' and you shall receive!

A pencil! I love a nice pencil set, especially when it comes in a tin. However, you can use a regular #2 pencil to draw right on top of the enamel. 

A Micron Pen! I LOVE this tool. I use it to get those amazing straight lines in my work, and I love that I achieve different thicknesses. 

Fine brushes and Klyr fire (or water!) An easy way to just get all painterly with the enamel. 

If you would like more information on how to implement these tools in your home here. I offer one-on-one information sessions on a variety of topics, tools, and techniques. Let's connect. 


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