Composition Notebook Ring
Composition Notebook Ring
Composition Notebook Ring
Composition Notebook Ring

Composition Notebook Ring

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I don’t know about you, but this pattern just makes me want to be creative. It’s totally nostalgic. I remember coloring in each little white splotch with sharpies to create magical colored notebooks.

These enamels are classic Champlevé techniques. It is etched copper and white enamel with a black patina. The ring is hammered to reflect a ruler, and a hidden paper clip on the back. 

These notebooks have a long history.

The pattern is inspired by marble printing techniques found in Japan called Suminagashi. For centuries, this technique was practiced, and adopted by many other countries, including Turkey which named the process Erbu. These techniques were eventually picked up in Germany, France and England, where the technique was used in designs to cover book covers, and industrialized so they could be made produced.

In the 1970’s (ish) Mead took the design, which was never ppppp and made it super popular, and turning it into my childhood at school. Kind of like having a trapper keeper, the composition notebook became a favorite because it is stitched.

The composition notebook got a facelift in 2016, thanks to Aron Fay who raised funds on Kickstarter. Which I totally get and love. He, also, was fascinated by these notebooks, their history, and the new, updated versions are just as gorgeous and modern while still paying tribute to the notebooks classic history.

The Rule.

The rule of paper generally refers to the size of the space between the blue lines. College ruled, space becomes smaller, and wide ruled for smaller people with developing fine motor skills.

Some artists that worked primarily in composition notebooks are Michael Beirut (um hi! We are both clevelanders), Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ettore Sottsass and Eddie Vedder. Blogger Crystal Rapinchuck even made a Rice Krispie treat composition notebook, and would love someone to make this for me, next time I throw a party.