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Champleve Enamel Brooch 2

Champleve Enamel Brooch 2

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“There Will Be No Singing” 

Champlevé Enamel on copper with hand fabricated sterling silver and stainless steel pin findings. 

This is part of a series of pieces that was inspired by a binder I found that was kept by a vocal music teacher in 1947. Basically, it struck a chord (see what I did there?) with me. Music is one way we find connections. Through live music, church choirs, school music programs, Broadway, and karaoke...people gather and partake in something that is healing, joyful and meaningful. What better way to praise, celebrate, appreciate, and participate then with song? It saddens me that song, breath, and the voice is muffled, discouraged and unsafe. 

These brooches are great for a sweater, but not a bag. Enamel is fused glass to a metal surface and is fragile. It will crack if dropped. Take care buy making sure it is secure, and do not wear on a day that you will be active.