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Mini Badge of Honor Brooch

Mini Badge of Honor Brooch

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Enamel on Etched Copper, Sterling Silver tube and Stainless steel pin finding. Patina for sophistication.

Doilies are always so beautiful to me. They make any party and celebration feel more special, and they add a gorgeous look to any dessert tray. Doilies are to cannoli, as the Rose Window is to a cathedral. It’s true. I created these brooches to resemble a badge of honor, one that you can feel confident in giving to your sweet aunt that loves to crochet! Or where with pride as a happy knitter!

This piece begins with a heirloom handmade crocheted doily, in which I scan into photoshop. I resize the image and print on a special paper that will resist the acid in the acid bath. Pieces are etched, cleaned and fired with enamel. The enamel is then sanded down and fired again to achieve maximum smoothness.