Art Market Friday, Dec. 10th 3pm-8pm and Saturday, Dec. 11th 11am-6pm at the Riethoffer Gallery at the Aubirn Arts District.

Hi. I'm Emily....

...and I create nostalgic and sentimental works of art about my love of all things related to the school experience. My pieces are unique, one of a kind, and all made by me, in my home studio. 

I have always had a love for paper.  I collect and save handwritten notes, as well as postcards, and other paper products.  Many of my sources of inspiration are from family scrap books, and found items at Antique stores. I get warm and fuzzy over "kid writing." One funny fact about me, you might like, is that I feel like I hit the lottery if I find a handwritten list in the bottom of a grocery cart. 

I realize that my work is different from the ordinary. I want my work to speak to you on a personal level, and evoke a feeling or a memory. Many of my themes revolves around the subject of school. I realize school may bring you your own feelings of joy or pain, or anxiety, and I am here for it. I struggled in school myself, and think about school a lot as my kids are all of elementary school age. 

Along with my constant need to make people smile or laugh, I always try and add humor in my work. I do this in a playful way, and hope it can only be received by you, the viewer, as charming.

The materials I use to create are metal and enamel. Enamel has a rich history that dates back to the early 9th century. Many times, I recommend people to check out the reliquaries from the Byzantine Era at the your Art Museum to see some pieces that inspired me to learn the art. Enamel is powdered glass fused to metal. It is finicky and fragile, and comes in a variety of colors and techniques. Although I know many processes in enamel, I am always drawn to cloisonné, champlevé and drawing on the surface with graphite. 

To learn more about this process, please watch this video, and it will give you an idea of my studio habits, and my process.