Thank you for being here. 

My work is a thoughtful balance of playfulness and elegance from my experience as an art teacher and as a student. The school experience has been the focus of my life for many years. As a teacher I find myself sitting in meetings reliving the years I spent as a student that struggled to pay attention. I remember passing the time by folding and then unfolding the paper into small notes to pass to a friend, or an airplane to throw in the halls. I enjoy twisting the perforated paper off the edge of a ripped-out paper from a spiral-bound notebook and collecting them as confetti. These small moments have become essential in the timeline of my life and my work provides a different look into those moments.

Childhood experiences are a significant part of life. It is important to me that my work sparks nostalgia in the viewer that is familiar and reminiscent of their own childhood. It’s the inspiration I draw from when I create sculptural keepsakes and wearable art that mimic objects I have enjoyed since childhood. Studying these objects, taking them apart, researching their origins, and figuring out how to recreate them in metal has become a part of my process that brings me so much joy. I love that the medium of enamel elevates the objects I create and gives them a sense of fragility, and beauty.

I hope to continue exploring these themes, creating art on a much larger scale, and transporting the viewer back to the memories they have of their own childhood. Check out the video below to see my in my element.