Crazy as a Loon
Crazy as a Loon
Crazy as a Loon
Crazy as a Loon

Crazy as a Loon

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Crazy as a Loon is one of my all time favorite John Prine songs. These earrings are handpainted, with a sweet little loon flying on the back. Sterling silver and etched clouds hang fromt he top. The swing mechanisim is what makes this style earring a favorite amoungst collectors. 

“Back before I was a movie star 
 Straight off of the farm
I had a picture of another man's wife
Tattooed on my arm
With a pack of Camel cigarettes
In the sleeve of my T-shirt
I'm headin' out to Hollywood
Just to have my feelings hurt”

RIP John Prine

Hand painted Enamel and decals on copper, set in a sterling silver trapeze setting. 0.3 punce. 1 6/8 inches tall.