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My Therapist Say's It's Fine

My Therapist Say's It's Fine

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Enamel, Gold Leaf, and Photo Transfer on folded Copper. 

Handmade Wooden Frame with Keyhole not for hanging. 

Displays on table top or wall

Photo Transfer is a process in which you mix potassium dichromate, gum arabic and ceramic oxide and spray onto enamel surface. The image in which to be transferred is printed on a transparency film, and exposed to light. As the light passes through, the mixture adheres onto the surface of the enamel. the Enamel is then developed, and fired in a kiln to become permanent. The lines of the paper are added to the image AFTER the process is complete, making this a piece that is fired around 15-20 times.

I highly recommend talking to someone to understand the complications that are your life. Every life is complicated. There are tragedies and celebrations and just having someone not related at all, to give you some sound advice is golden.