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Emily Joyce

At Dusk We Ride

At Dusk We Ride

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This Hot Rod thinks very highly of itself. It is an egomaniac. This car loves to make others feel humiliated and stupid. It is a master of manipulation. When you drive this car, you feel a little special for a second. But don’t be deceived. This car will take advantage of you, and when it’s done, it will move on to someone else who is oblivious to its true intentions. 

The Stag Beetle is aggressive toward other males when fighting to protect territory or food. They use their mandibles to keep their opponent off balance, and they fight at dusk…which I think is hilarious. Hence the reference to the Clash of the Titans in the title of this piece. 

The Hot Rod and Stag beetle are at battle. The Stag Beetle protects its silky star sapphire, while the hot rod shamelessly promotes and boasts about its amethyst wheels.

The car was generously donated to me by Jake. The stag beetle was assembled and carved from melted silver. The car features four amethyst and the stab beetle protects his sapphire. The piece hangs on a 20 inch rolo chain. 

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