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Emily Joyce

Sick Day at Grandma's Merry go Round PiR

Sick Day at Grandma's Merry go Round PiR

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The smell of sauce simmering on the stovetop mixed with hot peppers sautéing in a skillet. I’m laying on the floor wrapped in a crocheted afghan with my feet on the swivel TV. I’m driving my grandfather crazy because I’m rocking the TV back and forth. He yells at me to “stop moving the GD TV!” But I pretend not to hear because I’m in constant motion even when I don’t have the flu. I’m drinking Gingerale, but I can’t hold it down. My grandma has a tall woman standing on a chair in her kitchen. She can reach the ceiling. My grandma sits on a little stool placing pins at the bottom of her dress. She is a seamstress and everyone in the neighborhood is in and out of her home all day. My grandfather is now sitting at the table serving eggs and peppers to Al who repairs broken electronics. They are getting ready to leave for garage sales because it’s Thursday and I usually go with them but not today because if I were to stand up I would become the price is right wheel. 

This wheel is hand fabricated out of a sheet copper, brass and aluminum. Each handlebar is handmade, each rivet is handmade. The entire piece is attached with screws and rivets. The base of the wheel is also hand fabricated. It spins beautifully on a large machine bearing. It is truly one of a kind. 

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